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Tie it all together.

Strategic Reporting

Measure and optimize.

Make meaningful decisions through standardized, unified data and insights.

Like most organizations, you may be juggling a multitude of channels and tactics to deliver campaign touchpoints and collectively define your brand. It can be difficult to understand how they are (or aren't) working together to drive your goals.

Where's it all headed?

Focus on the KPIs that matter.

In the era of RevOps and Performance Marketing, it's crucial to be able to prove the efficacy of the approach. For that, you need a unified, shared measurement format.

We bring together KPIs from various initiatives into a unified format that ladders up to defined brand and revenue goals. Analyzing the data in one place, you'll be in a better position to understand your trajectory and make data-driven decisions.

The data trap, Mitigated

Stay focused.

Having visibility into stacks of data is not the foundation for a winning reporting strategy. While it may look good and feel reassuring, the only thing that actually matters is what you action from that data to advance your goals. To facilidate this, we align your reporting into a clear, shared format that everyone can understand.

True value arises through ongoing collaborative analysis and optimization. We work closely with our clients' teams to leverage everyone's perspective and expertise.

Make better choices.

Leverage a unified framework for reporting, with the views that surface the salient info for your internal audiences.

Always-On Master Dashboard

A detailed single-point-of-truth hub that includes comprehensive data from Google Analytics, marketing automation platform (HubSpot, Marketo, etc.) and Salesforce — showing new contacts, MQLs, SQLs, MRR and TCV with conversion rates and MoM/YoY views.

Executive Monthly Scorecard

An executive summary of the most salient elements from the past month. This includes a condensed view of all key activity linking back to revenue, such as prospects at various lead stages, Closed-Lost Deals, Closed-Won Deals and other metrics your executive team needs to see.

Monthly Strategic Reporting Deck

Dive deeper into your monthly metrics with insights and optimization recommendations. We identify trends, challenges and wins while measuring campaign engagement, gated content performance, traffic, paid ads, social and email activity. Then, we humanize the data through "Portrait of a Customer" profiles to understand how and why your audience took action.

Good measurement frameworks are rooted in well-ideated strategy.


What platforms or formats do you use to share and review data?

For some clients, depending on preference, we aggregate manually using shared spreadsheets with tabs that contain deeper dive data. We also use aggregator platforms to pull data together automatically from different sources and represent data visually in specific ways.

At the end of the day, what matters most having the correct view of the right data aligned to your business goals, and a process to continually leverage it to make better decisions.

Who gets to see the data?

You can invite anyone you want from your business to see the data. We bring in everyone Titan-side who contributes to analysis and recos. 

In general, we've found that increased transparency fuels greater collaboration between individual marketing teams, and between sales and marketing in general. It helps advance conversations and expedite decisions. And it reassures everyone that we're all rowing the same way in the same boat – to get to the same place.

How do we get value out of data?

We tie together organic and paid across all sources to look at what is influencing successful outcomes on a MoM, QoQ and YoY basis. By looking at specific content and tactics that are making the most impact (and the least), we can recommend optimizations for content and GTM campaign strategy.

We propose refinement action items each month, and once approved, we move them into our shared PM board to attach owners and dates.

Last but certainly not least – we're not interested in leveraging data to create a positive spin around marketing. We want to know what's actually working and continually find ways to improve. That means understanding what's working, what's flat, what's falling short – and making better decisions to optimize. 

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