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Paid Media

Expand your brand

It's time for something different.

Over the years we've seen a lot of money spent wastefully by media entities who dissociate themselves from the results. We think the era of vanity metrics is - or at least should be - over. Brand building is crucial, but it needs to mean something more than impressions and clicks. Whether top of funnel or bottom, we need to focus where there's legitimate potential for relevant intent from a qualified audience. Otherwise, we're just spending a lot of money to make a lot of noise. It may look and feel exciting, but what should matter is whether or not it's actually helping.

Intent-driven targeting

What good's an impression or a click?

The only way to answer that question is to push a little harder to understand the intent of the person (assuming it's not a bot) who's at the other end of it. It's pretty easy to generate impressions and clicks. It's harder to generate them from qualified targets who are going to be motivated and excited enough to take a 'next step'. If your focus is longer-tail nurture, then you need to make sure you are offering relevant content. If your focus is a short-tail Offer, then that offer had better be compelling – and you'd better have great targeting. It might be an odd thing to say here, but we've seen consistently better ROI on longer-term integrated organic content plays. That said, if executed well, paid media can be an effective contributor to your strategy, and a good way to generate extra noise around special initiatives to provide extra momentum.

How we help.


Through industry analysis, surveys, competitive reviews, and analysis of your existing data, we'll make sure that your campaign is robust and well-ideated.

Audience Segmentation

We'll define audiences that align with strategy to ensure that all your dollars are aimed at the right people.

Journey Mapping

We'll align promoted messages and 'next step' content to our target audience needs and wants based on demonstrated intent signals.

Media Planning

We’ll plan everything, start to end, and will provide you with clear timelines and blocking charts for all elements.

Media Buying

We'll handle all required media buying for your campaign, across all channels.

Media Partnerships

We’ll explore partnership opportunities that will help you bring your brand and campaigns to life in new ways.

Integrated Reporting and Analysis

You'll get full visibility into all the metrics that matter, including - if you have a CRM - a view on individual response and experience.


Our Titan Content team will manage content creation end-to-end to create the fuel for your campaigns.


Our Titan Creative team will ideate strategic themes and concepts to bring your campaign to life in a brand compliant way.

Interested in Account Based Marketing?

Depending on your situation and goals, ABM can make a lot of sense. After all, in reality, the buyer journey is not linear – and multiple buyers are often involved in buying decisions. Targeting at an account level can help you gain more value out of your spend be niching into specific people and roles in target accounts - and appearing where they are spending time. Our ABM approach involves leveraging paid platforms like 6Sense and And – if you have a marketing automation platform like HubSpot – you can sync your ABM platform data so that you can understand attribution touchpoints at a contact level.

No more spray and pray.

Paid Search

We are constantly updating to review and optimize for targeting and messaging. Just say no to set-it-and-forget-it and hoping for the best.


By leveraging first-party data and targeted creative, we can get your campaign rolling in a wide variety of media channels.

Account-Based Marketing

Target multiple buyers at specific organizations with customized messaging that specifically applies to them. Appear ubiquitous at scale by focusing your efforts on multiple stakeholders at strategic high-value accounts.

Paid Social

We fully manage paid campaigns on the social platforms where relevant audiences are spending time, and ensure we are getting the most value out of the spend.

Review and Directory Sites

Customers frequently research and self-educate. We'll identify relevant watering holes and make sure that they are seeing you when your solution aligns with their challenges.

Out of Home

Yes, there's still an important place for out-of-home. We can bring your campaign to life anywhere your audience is, and we'll help you gain the most value out of your out-of-home spend.


If it makes sense to leverage TV for your campaign, we can execute either nationally, or in specific local markets. Our Titan Creative video team has deep experience in creating high-production value TV ads in a variety of styles that can deliver your messaging in new, memorable ways.


Depending on what you are offering, it might make sense to be on radio. We will find the right channels in the right markets to help you find your audiences.


Podcasts are generating larger and larger audiences, and they can be a great way of connecting with the people who may benefit from your service. Titan can ideate, write, record and produce your audio ads and get you on select podcasts. We could even be injecting your ads dynamically into some of your favourite podcasts.




How do we measure and optimize impact?

We create a shared reporting dashboard with specific business goals-aligned KPIs to analyze what's working best MoM and YoY, and to provide suggestions for optimization.

We are not fans of 'set it and forget it'. And sadly, we're in a world where quite a bit of 'set it and forget it' is passed off as strategic.

And - if you are on a CRM like HubSpot - we can go further to see at an individual level how a person interacted with your ads to come towards you and take an action. That leapfrogs the standard media agency endemic trope of storytelling around how impressions are great for brand awareness, which is not a good model for measuring impact.

What makes Titan ONE's media services unique in achieving real brand impact?

At Titan ONE, we're not just about the splash; we're about making ripples that move mountains. Our approach is all about digging deep into what your audience truly desires, crafting campaigns that speak directly to their hearts and minds. We're here to create connections, not just impressions.

Being able to understand how to ignite and fuel energy at the brand level, and marry that with tactical performance marketing executions is a unique sweet spot for us.

How does Titan ONE ensure their media planning aligns with our business goals?

Our engagements always begin with a strategy component that allows us to go deeper to understand brand and campaign challenges and opportunities. 

A big part of this is centered on aligning with business objectives. We're as at home reviewing sales strategy decks as we are marketing and brand data and research. Our goal is to synthesize all the inputs into a clear, actionable plan that aligns tightly to key goals. 

And then to work openly and collaboratively with our clients to create measurable impact.

Can Titan ONE help with both broad audience targeting and Account-Based Marketing (ABM)?

Whether you're looking to cast a wide net or zero in on key accounts, we've got you covered. Our dual expertise allows us to adapt, ensuring your message finds its way to the right eyes and ears, whether through broad channels or pinpoint precision with ABM. We'll recommend channels and platforms that align best with your strategy and investment level, to maximize value back to you.

What types of media channels does Titan ONE specialize in?

We're channel agnostic but strategy specific. Digital, social, traditional—it's all in our playbook. We select the channels that will resonate most with your audience, ensuring your brand isn't just seen, but truly experienced.

What role does content creation play in your media services?

In our media services, content creation isn't just an add-on; it's the heartbeat of your campaign. We meticulously weave content strategy with media strategy, ensuring each piece of content, from eye-catching visuals to compelling narratives, serves a precise purpose within the larger media landscape. This alignment means every article, video, or social post isn't just filling space—it's strategically placed to engage, convert, and resonate with your target audience. Our aim? To ensure your content not only reaches the right people but speaks to them, moves them, and inspires action.

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