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Move your audience.


Video. Motion Graphics. Photography.

Surface people stories through the lens of your brand.

Tap into what makes people, organizations and their communities come to life. Build brand by showcasing what's real, and what's personal. Capture moments that matter to motivate employees, prospects and customers. Communicate big ideas with confidence and clarity.

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Entertainment With Objectives

Corporate strategy meets creative power.

Vision requires a strategic plan. Titan Studios develops an end-to-end project roadmap that connects to your wider corporate goals, while navigating you into bold, colourful and adventurous waters.

Your Production Team

Lights, camera, action.

Titan Studios is fully crewed to support projects of virtually any scale. With experienced team members above and below the line, you're assured every project will be meticulously crafted.

Content That Moves

We'll help you find the formats that will best bring your brand and campaigns to life. Our strategic team will ideate, plan and budget an approach that will maximize value and drive impact.


There are many styles of video production. The one that's right for you depends on what you are trying to communicate, who you are speaking to, and how it needs to connect into your brand and campaign objectives. We believe there's tremendous opportunity in leveraging genuine human experience as core drivers for content, and this thinking drives our format recommendations.


We don't believe in simply making things move. We leverage motion graphics to communicate key ideas in ways that resonate. The goal is to bring energy and clarity into your communications. By combining motion graphics with live-action film, you can uncover unique ways to communicate key ideas.


The world has seen enough stock photography. Pave your own road and define your brand through custom, bespoke stills photography that creates a unified feeling around your brand communications. Make that your library. Our production team will fully manage ideation and production to help fuel your unique voice in market.


  • Strategic Planning
  • Budgeting and Business Case Development
  • Competitive review
  • Casting
  • Script Development
  • Location Scouting


  • On-location and Remote Shooting Options
  • Multi-Camera Shoots
  • Drone Operators
  • Complete Production Crew
  • B-roll Capture
  • Creative to Match Brand Guidelines


  • Post-Production Coordinator and Editor
  • Motion GFX Designer
  • Music and Narrator Options
  • Captioning in Multiple Languages
  • Versioning for Different GTM Channels
  • Complete Project Management to Meet Goals

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